BBQ Pitmasters (2009)

I must have been really hungry last week because when Netflix suggested I watch BBQ Pitmasters on Watch Instantly, I did. The fact that I watched the entire season, however, proves that I will sit through just about anything.

Storage Wars (2010)

I know I‘ve confessed this before, but I like stuff. Especially old, retro/antique stuff. I’m also a fan of shows about stuff like American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Antiques Roadshow, and while I haven’t seen it yet, I am sure I would be all about American Restoration.


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Day 101: Pawn Stars, Season 1 & 2

I’m not going to lie. It has actually been quite difficult for me to keep up with my blog posts lately. At the beginning of February, I made a commitment to work on my book for at least a few hours before I sat down to write a movie review. This structure worked for a while, and my blog fell a bit behind (honestly, I still have notes about movies I watched over Christmas). And, because I was out of the habit of writing a post daily, the frequency of my reviews plummeted. Last week was probably rock bottom in that I only posted once. And it was a mediocre review of a mediocre film. Boo, me. That’s pretty embarrassing. Throughout the week, I kept promising myself that I would just write something—anything–for My Life in the Queue. But, being the diligent procrastinator that I am, I kept pushing it off. And so, this week I have promised myself I will publish updates every day. That’s a whopping five posts. I guess I just wanted to make my goal known so that the fear of public humiliation will drive me forward. How’s that for a carrot on a stick?


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Day 87: Hoarders, season 1 (2009)

When you write, sometimes it is really easy to come up with excuses to do anything but put words to paper. Although I try to be dedicated to writing my reviews, sometimes I hit the proverbial “writer’s wall.” OK, so this is a term I modified from “runner’s wall” after seeing Run, Fat Boy, Run (which was a surprisingly good film) to suit my needs. I will often find reasons as to why I am not writing as much as I should–and why that damn wall is so hard to climb over. Sometimes I tell myself that I should just focus on cleaning the house for one day; because if the characters in my Sims games are any indication, people are more productive and happier in a clean environment (if my house is not clean, I, like the Sims, just stomp angrily in a corner with angry thought bubbles appearing over my head). Other times, I decide to choose that moment as awesome time to start reading more. While I am a huge advocate of reading, I question whether perusing the newsletter from my alma mater is truly productive and beneficial.

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Day 66: Bizarre Foods, Collection 3 (2008)

I am a foodie. I love to cook, try new restaurants, and sift through old recipes in my eclectic cookbook collection. I also enjoy watching the occasional food show. No, this does not include that weird Catherine Zeta Jones remake, No Reservations. Aside from the fact that I saw the German film that it was based on and it was exponentially better; the title alone triggers my gag reflex. However, I find most food shows very interesting. I enjoy watching Rick Bayless, then trying his recipes at home (f.y.i., his queso fundido is the absolute bomb). Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares always seem to suck me in. But, I think I most enjoy the food-travel shows. Not only am I able to see cool new locations, but it is amazing to see the different dishes common in certain areas. Food can be a gateway to learn about other cultures—or our own. And so, over the past few days I have watched a season of Bizarre Foods.

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Day 64: Paranormal State, season 1 (2007)

Oh, how I love Netflix. I love the concept, the system, and the site. And lately, I have been seriously crushing on their recommendation system. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit silly of me to even consider their suggestions as my queue is already bursting at the seams, but I like it. Netflix asked if I enjoyed Being Human (I sure did!). Why not try Jekyll? It is then added to my queue. Do I like reality programming? Who doesn’t?! Then why not try Top Chef season one? Why not, indeed. Do I have an odd fondness for supernatural shows? Uh, yes. Have I considered Paranormal State? Well, I hadn’t, but I will. How could a system like that let me down? I mean, it is probably based on well thought-out algorithms, a literary analysis of genre, and the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Solid. So, based on this, over the past few days I have been watching a few episodes of Paranormal State.

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