Day 7: I Sell the Dead (2008)


Don’t ask me how I found the film I Sell the Dead. Maybe my Ron Perlman indicator script went off, thus adding all of his films to my queue. Or, I could have been on grave robbing movie kick after I read the book Stiff. All I know is that it popped up in my queue and somehow made its way to the top. That leads me to today‚Äôs review.


I Sell the Dead stars Dominic Monaghan as Arthur, an 18th Century grave robber awaiting execution for his crimes. Ron Perlman costars as a priest who encourages Arthur to confess. As he recounts his past, Arthur explains that he not only had encounters with the dead, but the undead as well. He and his partner also had run-ins with a rival grave robbing gang with even more unscrupulous ethics. Thus, I have explained the entire film in four sentences.


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