Thor (2011)

As much as I claim to be a geek, I think I have a serious gap in my super hero knowledge. While I read (and have read) my share of graphic novels, there are several heroes whose stories I have yet to discover. Luckily, Hollywood has my back. With the recent surge in super hero films, I am able to catch up on what I am sure are accurate representations of these graphic novels. Huzzah!


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Push (2009)

I just realized as I looked at my post from yesterday that I forgot to include a day number with the entry. Hmmm. I actually kind of like it without. So, from this day forward, let it be known that I will furthermore omit the “days” from my posts. And so it shall be. Wow, it feels good to get that off my chest.


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Day 120: Misfits, season 1 (2009)

Every now and then, I stumble on to something unexpected—a show that I know nothing about (not even any of the actors in it). Let me assure you, finding one such title is quite an accomplishment as I read a lot of entertainment news, watch a fair amount of television, and consume trailers as fast as companies can make ’em. I like to think I have my finger on the pulse of what to watch. However, I was surprised when Hulu kept recommending that I watch Misfits because I didn’t even know it existed. And from the commercials I couldn’t tell if it was a weird superhero series, a wacky British comedy, a teen show, or something in between.


Day 75: Megamind (2010)

Last week my husband and I went to see a matinee of Megamind. Admittedly as of late, I haven’t been a fan of seeing movies in the cinema because the public’s movie etiquette has become exponentially worse over the years. Besides, the trailer for the movie didn’t really beckon me to the theater. Plus, let’s be honest, the last Will Ferrell film I saw, Land of the Lost, makes me throw up a little in my mouth when I think about it. It soured me towards both my love of anachronisms and delicious fear of dinosaurs for a few months. Plus, I thought I had reached my fill of Tina Fey after watching a few seasons worth of 30 Rock. Yeah, seeing Megamind at the multiplex just seemed like a recipe for disaster to me. However, we took a chance that Friday afternoon. I’m actually glad we did.

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Day 65: Iron Man 2: The Squeakquel (2010)

Ah, it’s that time of year where we sit back and reflect upon what we are truly thankful for in our lives. Most would say they are grateful for their families (if they are anywhere near as cool as mine) or their friends (see the comment regarding families). Others may say they appreciate their jobs, their homes, or their happiness. These are all very acceptable answers. I, on the other hand, have something else that I am really truly thankful for. I am thankful that I didn’t pay $15 to see Iron Man 2: Armed and Fabulous in the theaters this summer. It’s pretty bad—almost Robin Hood: The Revenge of Kitty Galore bad.

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Day 33: Despicable Me (2010)

This week I have been visiting my family in Iowa. The weather has been awesome—summer with a splash of fall. The scenery is beautiful. The grass and trees are green, providing a striking contrast with the browning fields of corn in the backdrop. It has been wonderful to visit with family and friends. Even though I am only here for a few days, they have been socially productive. My parents have a fire pit in their yard and on Tuesday a few of us sat around it, talked, and looked at the bazillion (wait, spell check is actually letting me get away with that word?) stars in the clear, crisp night.


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Day 13: Unbreakable (2000) — I prefer to call it by its German title, Unzerbrechlich (it’s a bit easier to say)

I always thought if I was offered the choice of one super power, I would choose the ability to teleport. No more waiting in lines at the airport, sitting in traffic, or frantically trying to find my travel shampoo bottle that meets the 3 ounce requirement. I could visit my family on a whim—instantly skipping the thousand mile trek via plane, train, or automobile. If I wanted, I could see all of the New Wonders of the World (imagine that being said with the dramatic echo effect) in a single day and still have time to take the dog for a walk when I returned. Life would be sweet. Sure, occasionally  I may be called upon to help if the need arose, but I would gladly assist (as long as it wasn’t on weekends or holidays– you have to set limits with these things or people will walk all over you).


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