Day 103: 30 Rock Season 4 (2009)

Oh, what can I say about 30 Rock season 4 that I haven’t already said about the previous seasons? Turns out, not much. Maybe I just came down with a severe case of writer’s block, but jeez Louise, I don’t know if I can say much new about this show.


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Day 75: Megamind (2010)

Last week my husband and I went to see a matinee of Megamind. Admittedly as of late, I haven’t been a fan of seeing movies in the cinema because the public’s movie etiquette has become exponentially worse over the years. Besides, the trailer for the movie didn’t really beckon me to the theater. Plus, let’s be honest, the last Will Ferrell film I saw, Land of the Lost, makes me throw up a little in my mouth when I think about it. It soured me towards both my love of anachronisms and delicious fear of dinosaurs for a few months. Plus, I thought I had reached my fill of Tina Fey after watching a few seasons worth of 30 Rock. Yeah, seeing Megamind at the multiplex just seemed like a recipe for disaster to me. However, we took a chance that Friday afternoon. I’m actually glad we did.

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Day 19: 30 Rock, season 3 (2008)

So, today I will be discussing 30 Rock, season 3. I would rather talk about disc 1 of Dexter, season 4, but I told my husband I would watch the episodes with him. This is really a test of my willpower as we watched two of the three episodes on the first disc. Why do I have to make promises that are so difficult to keep?

So far, I am liking this season of Dexter. John Lithgow is phenomenal. He is super creepy and kind of has me freaked out—and we have only seen two episodes! I am excited to see where this will take me. Speaking of serial killers, in 30 Rock, Jenna and Tracy think Kenneth is a serial killer who has several bodies hidden in his bedroom. Of course this is all one crazy mix- up (or is it? Dun, dun, DUN), and hilarity ensues.


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