Day 120: Misfits, season 1 (2009)

Every now and then, I stumble on to something unexpected—a show that I know nothing about (not even any of the actors in it). Let me assure you, finding one such title is quite an accomplishment as I read a lot of entertainment news, watch a fair amount of television, and consume trailers as fast as companies can make ’em. I like to think I have my finger on the pulse of what to watch. However, I was surprised when Hulu kept recommending that I watch Misfits because I didn’t even know it existed. And from the commercials I couldn’t tell if it was a weird superhero series, a wacky British comedy, a teen show, or something in between.


Day 119: Prison Break, seasons 2, 3, & 4 (2006-2008) –Clearly I must have some deep-seeded desire to punish myself

If there is one thing I should learn to do, it is to quit while I’m ahead. Although if I had to add more than one item to that list I would also include: speaking a new language, how to make my mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce, and being able to do a J-turn—each of which is an important skill in its own right. However, for argument’s sake, let’s say that today my lesson should have been to quit while I was ahead. Pop quiz, hot shot, and I failed. I failed miserably.


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Day 118: Nip/Tuck, season 1 (2003)


Some days writing these reviews isn’t easy for me. Sure, I can (and do) attribute this to writer’s block a certain percentage of the time, but that’s not always the case. You see, it’s the “average” shows that are the most difficult to write about. I can’t rave about them, yet they aren’t awful enough to be “good-bad.” It’s in this gray area that Nip/Tuck, season 1, falls.


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Day 117: True Blood, season 3 (2010)

When True Blood first came out, I tried my damnedest not to like it. In fact, I shut the show off after the first few minutes and didn’t intend to watch it ever again. Now it wasn’t that I hated vampire stories (although at the time, maybe I preferred my vamps in the form of Gary Oldman, Brat Pitt or Paul Reubens—talk about classic vampires) or that I had some strange opposition to a show about scary, supernatural beings (I totally love Ghost Hunters and even watched one season of The Bachelor); but I couldn’t get into it. Everyone told me how wonderful True Blood was and I would respond by giving them a leery look. I hate to admit when I’m wrong, but I was wrong.


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The TV Experiment Went Terribly, Terribly Awry

It was a beautiful September day when I got the Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly. Eagerly, I flipped through the glossy pages, much like I paged through the holiday issue of the Sears catalog when I was a kid. Little had changed in twenty-some years as I marked the items (or shows) that appealed to me. I think the only real difference was that this time I used a pen. Back then I think the writing utensil of choice was either a red crayon or a marker that smelled [supposedly] of grape Kool-Aid (Oh yeah!). Looking at all those promising shows, I had the brilliant idea to watch a bunch of them and report back on my blog. It sounded like a blast, so I valiantly took on the challenge. Sigh. Things did not go as planned.


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Day 103: 30 Rock Season 4 (2009)

Oh, what can I say about 30 Rock season 4 that I haven’t already said about the previous seasons? Turns out, not much. Maybe I just came down with a severe case of writer’s block, but jeez Louise, I don’t know if I can say much new about this show.


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Day 99: The X-Files, Season 3 (1995)

As I have been diligently working my way through my Netflix queue week after week, I have come to the startling realization that I do not have significantly fewer titles in my list (I wanted to use the word “queue” here, but already used it in the sentence. Overusing a word is one of my weird writing pet peeves). In a rare introspective moment, I tried to understand why, over seven months, I have barely even made a dent in my shows (still wanted to use “queue”–damn you, you seductively perfect word). While the constant stream of releases to DVD and instant streaming is to blame for about 70% of my problem, I may have stumbled upon a personal quirk that accounts for an estimated 20% of my titles. I will be honest here, the remaining 10% is just crap (also, I feel very parenthetical today. (deal with it)). Crap, I am so tangential today—what am I, a geometry equation? (Eat it, Euclid).

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Day 96: Prison Break, Season 1 (2005)

Believe it or not, I never used to watch much television (says the person who DVRs so many shows that she has to watch several series on hulu because she can only record two things at a time). I guess that I used to watch a lot more movies in the theaters back then. I guess the theater experience was less irritating back then. Suffice it to say, there is a little gap in my personal television viewing history. I didn’t really watch Lost. I heard rumblings about Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t think I even knew what Firefly or Battlestar Galactica were (and I call myself a geek!). Although, in my defense, I have since seen Firefly countless times. As DVDs of TV shows became more prevalent, I started adding a bunch of stuff to my queue. Funny enough, I am realizing at this moment, that I didn’t add the shows I just named to my list. Crap, I guess I have to add them to see what the hubbub was about. Yeah, I know. Stop yakking and get to the reviewing.

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Day 90: American Pickers: Season 1 (2010)

Although I like to feign an ambivalence and superiority about having “stuff” and placing worth in objects; at my core, I think I am a very materialistic person. Now, people don’t like to throw out the “m” word unless it is used as a derogatory statement, and even fewer people would want to be called it. However, I will gladly call myself a materialistic person. I am materialistic. I love material things. Love them. So I realize that this probably evokes images of a a wealthy elitist. You are probably imagining that I am snotty and only wear brand name clothing or that I use my DVD collection as a status symbol within my group of friends. Maybe you think that I use dollar bills to light fires in my fireplace and take baths in champagne. Not true–I am not Scrooge McDuck and don’t swim in gold pieces. When I say I am materialistic, I mean this at the most basic level—I like material objects and have a desire to own them (although, after watching Hoarders, the number of possessions in my house has been cut back considerably). I think stuff is cool. And, if said stuff is old, then I am practically drooling over it—regardless of value (it could be worth $1 and I would love it just as much).

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Day 0118 999 881 999 119 7253… Or Day 88 to the Non-IT Crowd Peeps: The IT Crowd: Series 4 (2010)

Every so often, you run into a TV show that just seems like a perfect fit for you. I don’t know, maybe you had a tingle in your stomach the moment your eyes locked, or you laugh at the same jokes. Maybe you even hate the same people. But when you find such a show, you want to hold it close and tell it how you feel. Perhaps you watch a few old episodes to reminisce about the good old days. These are the shows that bring some of the excitement back to watching the dear, sweet idiot box–and I say that with the utmost affection…there are just not as many synonyms for “television” as you may think. When I watched the first season of The IT Crowd, I knew I had found one such show.

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